"ROME - A photographic tour: 122 amazing photos by Alexandru Ciobanu takes the reader on a tour through Rome as the title suggests. It is filled with stunning photos of the city that has fascinated people for many centuries."

"I have been to Rome a few times, and enjoyed browsing this book by Alexandru Ciobanu as it reminded me of many of the places I have visited. The quality of the photos is fantastic, and I can see that the person who took them knows his job as a photographer. The photos capture the essence and magic of ancient Rome very well, but also show that the city has a vibrant energy to it. Some of the photos would also make fantastic posters that I would not mind having on my wall (if I had the space!). It is a great photo book for people who have never been to Rome and would like to get some inspiration about where to go - or simply look at places they might never be able to see. However, it is also a great book for people like me who have been to Rome and would like to reminiscence a bit."

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 "In his book, Rome – A Photographic Tour, the author, Alexandru Ciobanu, take you on a “personally” guided tour of this capital city of Italy.

Using his skill as a professional photographer, Mr. Ciobanu has selected the best view possible for each of the sites he’s taking the reader to on this tour of Rome. The descriptions, with numbers directing you to the picture involved, cut to the chase without the flowery additions so prevalent on guided tours you pay for." - Robin Leigh Morgan.

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"It takes you to a place that is breathtakingly beautiful. From the historic landmarks to the architecture that makes Rome as it is today, it’s a must read book! Thank You to Alexandru Ciobanu for taking such high quality pictures of a place where people like myself wish they can visit!" - Holly Flora for hollyshonestreviews.wordpress.com

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