Barcelona a photographic tour travel photography bookBarcelona - a photographic tour takes the reader on a personalized guided tour around the colorful city of Barcelona. All the major landmarks and attractions are portrayed via stunning photographs and the colors and definition of the images are amazing. This is mainly a visual book; nevertheless, it is also informative, because each photograph is accompanied by descriptive text, which gives details about the landmarks of the city. The photos capture the essence and magic of Barcelona and also show that the capital of Catalonia has a vibrant energy to it. Showcasing all faces of Barcelona, from the historic heritage to the architecture that makes Barcelona the cosmopolite mix it is today, this is a ‘must read’ book!

Rome – a photographic tour is a captivating travel photography book dedicated to Rome, Italy, a city with a soul and a unique history. Rome`s history, landmarks, architecture and colors are portrayed in appealing photos. With more than 120 high-resolution photographs, including double pages spreads, it gives the reader an incredible visual tour of the amazing "eternal city", together with a brief description of the landmarks featured in the book.

Rome - a photographic tour makes for a wonderful photography book in your library or an interesting coffee table book. It entertains and guides the reader on an imaginary trip to the city of Rome.